The Lab

Exploration and experimentation are at the heart of our continuous improvement approach.
Each member of the team develops R&D and innovation projects to develop expertise and design solutions.


Our works

BIM ontologies

Our work on ontologies has been qualified as "Research & Development" under the "Jeune Entreprise Innovante" (Young Innovative Company) tax ruling.

The ontological approach makes it possible to model a body of knowledge by creating shared semantics for a given domain or concept.
Our approach consists of experimenting to identify these models in the construction field, and designing solutions to serve the business. Thus, for a given business process (conformity of the design to the program, management of deadlines, feasibility checks, etc.), the shared semantics is achieved using dictionaries and taxonomies for the objects concerned, with the ontology serving to describe the process, its components, and their interactions.

Data continuity is the counterpart of ontologies, enabling the identification of data reuse flows and their constraints within a process or between different models.

Real-time simulation for high-resolution images

Presented at SIGGRAPH Web3D in September 2022, this project aims to couple the best web technologies to reinvent the photo-realistic image creation process.

In addition to simulation capabilities for 3D scene creation and parameter management, work focused on geometry processing to enable real-time communication of our visualization service integrating Autodesk Platform Services technologies and the V-Ray 3D rendering engine.

Learning algorithms & AI

The exploration of construction data represents a major challenge for the discovery of knowledge models and the automation of tasks.

Our experience in the field of semantics has naturally led us to investigate the obstacles to data identification and classification.

We experiment with simple use cases (identifying textual data or creating constraint models in a given business process) to enable our customers to capitalize on their data to create tools focused on business value.

Legal outlook

In view of the accelerating pace and interlocking nature of technology, our legal approach consists in creating balanced contractual relationships, integrating the notion of risk and liability into our tools, and developing an ethical policy.

Our areas of interest are
- Adapting intellectual property law to embedded technologies
- The notion of know-how in the BIM era
- The legal impact of BIM on public construction operations
- The legal perspectives of AI, for an ethical and responsible approach to future changes (responsibility, transparency, criticality and bias).

Because the accessibility and intelligibility of information is essential to creating relationships of trust, we adapt the Design Legal approach to put rights, obligations, responsibilities and economic models into perspective in our tools and proposals.
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