Every use has a solution

We have developed a wide range of features to meet BIM uses.

Grouped together within the same software ecosystem, they are accessible in our Common Data Environment in the form of "à la carte" modules.

Developed under a micro-services architecture, our modules are independent and accessible via APIs.

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Tools to meet project management needs

UsersConnection and authentication are ensured by a dedicated service allowing the creation of users, team management and the allocation of permissions. This service can be coupled or replaced by other authentication systems:
- SSO (Single Sign-on) in Open-ID
- Third Party Account (Autodesk for BIM360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud integrations)
PhasesPhase identification allows you to structure your project by identifying the stages and dates. The platform assets are attached to the relevant phase.
ProjectsMeets the need for collaboration throughout the life cycle of each of your projects while anticipating the challenges of capitalizing and supervising multi-project data. Their description allows the specification of metadata as well as the configuration of functionalities.
HistoricsAll actions and activities are listed to ensure their traceability and facilitate identification and retrieval of information.
DocumentsThe documentary space allows the creation of free or fixed tree structures. The file management service includes posting, moving, renaming, downloading, versioning and viewing functions for most formats. A rights management system allows you to refine authorizations at the level of each folder or file.
TagsThe creation of collections of tags makes it possible to describe the characteristics of the elements and allows easy grouping of information.

BIM functionalities

Tools to meet BIM collaboration and visualization needs

BIM ModelsWeb visualization of BIM models integrates Autodesk Platform services technology and independent tools for navigation and interaction via the model tree structure (Revit categories, IFC types, levels) and 2D sheets, as well as advanced search functions.
DatasetsIdentify, select and isolate data, assigning it to its own lifecycle according to business use
Equipement PlanningWith a view to determining the characteristics of premises based on the equipment contained in them, the aim is to be able to implement objects from the library in the standard premises defined, and to automate their integration in the digital mock-up.
DashboardsEach user can create dashboards according to their needs in terms of visualization, reporting and collaboration support (private or shared mode) based on project data and BIM models.
BIM Models AggregationsCreation of multi-format BIM model compilation scenarios (IFC, RVT, NWD)
Room Data CheckerComplete environment dedicated to premises data management, with four uses: co-production of premises file data, automatic comparison of data between each phase (programming, design, construction and operation), publication of "premises file" deliverables, data reporting.
Data DictionariesIntended for the creation of taxonomies to define the elements and properties of construction trades. The creation of dictionaries can be supported for ISO 23386:2020 and ISO 12006-3:2022 compliance.
BCF ManagerCommunication is organized and centralized from BIM models, with the ability to create, export and import topics or observations according to BCF specifications. A dedicated, configurable dashboard enables targeted management. Annotations can be easily prepared from the dashboard for later localization in the viewer.
Objects LibraryVisualize and share 3D objects and their properties. Convert rfa to revit Reuse in models Automate integration from Excel or forms
Objects DocumentationFiles can be linked to objects in the digital model. The BIM model becomes the basis for the Dossier des Ouvrages Executés (DOE). This set of documents can be accessed from the model, with the option of linking and adding files, as well as from a dashboard providing a file-to-object approach.


Tools to connect to other platforms



From our tools, access your projects and documents from your Autodesk BIM360 Hubs - Europe or USA


From our tools, access your projects and documents from your Autodesk ACC Hubs - Europe or USA


From Microsoft Sharepoint, view your BIM models
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