From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence

Our approach is to apply the principles of Big Data while observing the capabilities of data mining and decision support.
The goal is to enable our customers to capitalize on their data, by offering enhanced productivity perspectives focused on excellence and know-how enhancement.

  • Extraction
  • Integration
  • Analyze
  • Interaction

Data extraction

Our technologies enable the management of multiple data sources. From integration via APIs to Excel file processing, our ecosystem enables us to adapt to your environments, offering you extended integration capabilities.

Referentials & Data models

Digitizing business processes means exploring data and understanding their impact on the desired result.
Building repositories to standardize and share knowledge is a powerful transformational lever that must be designed with interoperability and sharing in mind, to ensure the commitment of all stakeholders.

Data analysis and handling

In view of the multitude of data sources and their evolution, our technologies focus on : Data set handling (BIM files, datasets).
Creation of business flows based on specific data. Aggregating data sources for management, sharing or reuse.
Our services include collaborative data production spaces, with a system of pre-established rights and authorizations to facilitate the intervention and commitment of each stakeholder.

Data visualization

The intelligibility of visualized data is a priority, and access to useful and relevant information is a prerequisite in the dashboards we create.
Data supervision is offered within each project, through the generation of customizable dashboards in terms of both services used and key data.
Given the challenges of standardization and the search for productivity levers, multi-project supervision enables the creation of customizable dashboards with advanced search, filter, and selection options.
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